Summer brings longer days, warmer weather, and a desire for cool, comfortable, and invigorating spaces. It’s the perfect time to refresh your living room and make it a light, airy, and welcoming oasis!

Here are a few makeover ideas that can transform your space into a perfect summer retreat.

Embrace Light Colors

Lighter colors tend to reflect light, making your room feel brighter and larger. Consider painting your walls in cool shades of white, blue, or green that evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. Alternatively, if you don’t wish to commit to a new paint job, consider adding light-colored slipcovers to your furniture or a light, neutral area rug to brighten up your space immediately.

Interior of modern living room with gray sofa, armchair and palm tree

Let Natural Light In

Maximize natural light wherever possible. Remove heavy curtains and replace them with sheer, lightweight ones that allow sunlight to stream in while providing privacy. Mirrors strategically placed opposite windows can also amplify natural light!

Incorporate Plants

Bringing in greenery can instantly make your room feel fresh and lively. Larger plants can serve as focal points, while smaller ones can be used on shelves or as coffee table décor. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for low-maintenance plants or stylish, high-quality artificial ones.

Choose Light Furniture and Décor

Consider selecting furniture with lighter wood finishes or painted in whites or pastels for your living room. Opt for glass or acrylic tables as they take up less visual space, making your living room appear more spacious. Choose minimal and lightweight pieces such as cushions, throws, and vases in summer-inspired prints and colors for your décor.

Use Lightweight Fabrics

Swap out heavier fabric accessories for lighter ones. Linen and cotton slipcovers, throws, and pillowcases are perfect for summer. They are breathable and lend a casual, laid-back vibe ideal for the season.

Indoor terrace interior with modern furniture and houseplants

Creating a light and airy living room for the summer season doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few thoughtful changes, you can have a refreshing and inviting space ready for those lazy summer days and relaxed evenings.

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