With the spring season in full swing and summer just around the corner, there is much to do to prepare our homes for the arrival of family and friends. From graduation parties and wedding season to backyard birthdays and pool party extravaganzas, having an in-law suite gives your guests the luxury of a private place to stay at your residence for all the upcoming events.

The in-law suite is usually attached or located on the same property as your home and serves as housing for parents, in-laws, kids home from college, visiting relatives, etc. As a homeowner, it is your job to ensure this space looks and feels inviting for all who enter!

Here are a few tips for designing a functional in-law suite that will leave your family and friends feeling welcomed and cared for.

Prioritize Accessibility

When designing and planning your in-law suite, it’s important to consider your guest’s accessibility needs. Usually, in-law suites are inhabited by parents or grandparents who stay at your home for long periods. Consider your aging relative’s needs when navigating their space! You will need to ensure that things like cabinets are easily accessible, or you may need to install support railings in the bathroom, ensure wheelchair access, etc. Your loved ones will appreciate that you kept these considerations in mind before they settle into the space.

Implement Extra Storage

Your in-law suite is not a full-sized home, so you must consider extra storage space and how to implement that into your design plan. Whether that be adding closet organizers, multifunctional furniture like a sofa bed, or ottomans with extra room inside to store blankets, pillows, etc., the goal is to add extra storage space for your guests while keeping the overall appearance of the suite clean and spacious.

Be Mindful of the Color Scheme

Since the square footage of the space is likely on the smaller side, it’s best to keep the color scheme limited. Bold hues and loud patterns can make the space appear cluttered. A more neutral color palette can help you create the sense of openness and spaciousness you are trying to achieve. A simpler color scheme is universally pleasing to the eye, so your guests will be more likely to feel comfortable in your space.

Designing a functional in-law suite is not a simple task. If you want to create the perfect place for your loved ones to relax and live comfortably, collaborating with an interior designer is your best bet.

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Our decorating services focus on the fine details of a space that can be easily neglected if you don’t have the eye or experience to craft a beautiful, well-rounded aesthetic.

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